Etalon 1

Etalon gated residential complex is our first completed project. We are proud of the modern vision, quality architecture and construction, with which we contributed to the development of the new residential appearance in Meden Rudnik Housing Estate, Burgas, Burgas. We rely on family comfort, with a functional layout of the flats, controlled access to the complex, a children’s playground and landscaping, with drip irrigation on its territory. The location of Etalon is in the regional centre of Meden Rudnik Housing Estate, in close proximity to the newest sports complex in the neighbourhood, public transport terminal, large retail chains, schools and kindergartens, sports halls, Mandra lake. With its good location, Etalon offers a unique, quiet and peaceful living environment, as it is not located on a main and busy road and is consists of only two residential entrances with a total of 61 flats, as well as adjacent parking spaces and garages.


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The construction site of “Etalon 2”, 04/04/2024.

"Etalon 2", stage Act 14. Block 3 and Block 2 have completely finished facades, while the laying of railings on the terraces remains.
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